This book explores stories of Earth Creation: how the Earth, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the mountains, the valleys, the clouds, the sky, and the first animals and people came into being.

These stories have been passed on orally for centuries. They not only inspire us to reach for the stars but they also teach us to respect the natural world, to respect other people, and to respect ourselves.

Stories that Crafted the Earth by Adrian Beckingham

This new edition tells the story of the events and unique people living in and visiting Glastonbury in the early 20th Century - early characters of the British 'new age' movement and precursors of all that has happened in the town since the 1960s.

Alice Buckton, Wellesley Tudor Pole, Rutland Boughton, Dion Fortune, Frederick Bligh Bond, Fiona Macleod and others, between them, unfold a saga of mystery, creativity and questing.

The Avalonians by Patrick Benham

All Glastonbury's mysteries are rooted in one great mystery: how does this small place play such a leading part in Britain's spiritual history? Glastonbury's traditions are seen in a new light, as an ancient magical rite invoking paradise on earth.

New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury by John Michell

Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon, is known worldwide as a holy shrine, ancient sanctuary and sacred centre overflowing with history, myths and legends. For the visitor, armchair traveller or the reader who simply wonders what attracts so many thousands to this ancient sacred place, this guidebook provides an inspiring introduction.

Glastonbury Maker of Myths by Frances Howard-Gordon

An endlessly delightful and quietly informative companion for those travellers seeking the ancient spirit of England. This is a journey to ruined abbeys, pagan sites and megalithic temples, saints' shrines, holy wells and island sanctuaries of peace and sanctity reign. With this guidebook, travellers can uncover centuries of history, wisdom and tradition in this green and pleasant land.

The Traveller's Guide to Sacred England by John Michell

Through examining the street and monument patterns of old Jerusalem, John Michell reveals the once and future Temple.

The Temple at Jerusalem: a Revelation by John Michell

This workbook, now in its third edition; looks at the ancient and mythic past of this universal symbol and uncovers its practical uses today. Labyrinths span the ages, from before the ancient Greeks to the present-day Native Americans; from the ancient chambered cairn of Newgrange in Ireland to those found in Gothic cathedrals. Guided exercises, including creating your own labyrinth, take you on a journey into the heart of this magical tool for inspiration.

Labyrinths - Ancient Myths and Modern Uses by Sig Lonegren

Gothic Image Tours


Gothic Image Tours is a small company which has been specialising in tours to ancient and sacred sites since 1980. These tours offer a unique opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and powerful places in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Each place has a tale to tell and these are related to us at the very place of their origin by authors and researchers who are experts in the fields of history, myth and legend, folklore and earth mysteries. Gothic Image Tours are organised from a flourishing bookshop and publishing enterprise based in Glastonbury.